Asian Festival – Humans of the Flow Arts

Event Program

Nothing in this life is ‘in between’, every act, every thought are infinite.

Master Ong is a prominent figure within the juggling and flow arts communities. His Master Ong’s festival/events brings together thousands of flow arts practitioners  world wide every year.

Marvin Ong, or “Grand Master Ong,” as he’s affectionately known in the Flow and Juggling scene, was born and raised in Malaysia before relocating to the U.S.  Marvin has been playing with props for 15 years. The meaning of the flow arts to Marvin is a mix between finding one’s center through meditation and shifting between the vast experiences he’s gathered through his travels over the years. Flow arts has come to be a presentation and expression for the soul with a high level of movement involved. At least that’s what Marvin believes for himself.Marvin’s core motivation in continuing his interactions within the Flow Arts community has been his ability to share the concepts and pass along the things others have taught him as well as the simple joy of idea sharing with another human being while simultaneously seeing and creating bonds.

“MANIPULATION.” It’s a time when we gather to share in our humanity and continue to learn and grow for one another.

  • Date : January 12, 2024 - January 13, 2024
  • Time : 6:00 pm - 7:00 pm (America/Phoenix)
  • Venue : Mesa Community College